G Sinha - Some Recent UX Work

DIRECTV Application Platform

For the past three or so years, I have been the design lead for DIRECTV’s set-top box’s application platform. Simply put, I have been trying to figure out the experience and the purpose of (native and 3rd party) applications on a 10-foot experience. 

In order for this platform to succeed, as well as to measure its ongoing success, I started with designing an experience strategy. This helped us create a shared vision across the broader organization.

The strategy then trickled down into a design framework which was used by us natively as well as by third parties for designing standalone experiences. The guidelines covered topics like - fundamentals of design for a 10-foot experience, guidelines for designing self-contained experience within the broader ecosystem, key patterns and template for the overall system.

I co-authored this document and have been the primary gatekeeper for it